Sarees later made record with SkyDive

Sarees later made record with SkyDive: In Thailand, he made record with SkyDive from 13,000 feet high.To make SkyDive, you have to get higher than this, what is the record again?
Actually, wearing sardine was a sari. Not as a gold sari, this colorful Maratha Nouvari sari in color. Pattaya Tourist Resorts, not only once in the preferred weather, twice as high as 13,000 ft. Skydive festive cold. She said, “International Women’s Day is in front. I wish I could skate the aftermath of the Marathi Nouveau sari. After an 8.25 meter long saree, sideways must be challenged”.
Giving details of this difficult time, Shital said, “It was difficult to overcome that long saree properly. Parashurata also had to wear, with equipment for safety gear and communicate, and there were helmets, sunlight, and shoes on it. ”
Women claim that they can wear sarees in the daily life, in spite of the advent of winter. And to highlight this point, the twin child’s mother was cold.
She was supposed to skate on February 11 in Pataya. But due to the prevailing rains and bad weather, it has to back down on Monday.
Winter has a great love for sports. Phoenix Skydiving Academy, which has its own academy, has opened its cool. There are multiple national and international awards. She received Padma Shri in 2011. Already 18 national skiites have been recorded cold. There are 6 international records in his name.

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